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  • silEnT mod version 0.9.0Change log:

    Version 0.9.0

    Added: Server customizable menu that is opened in addition to the silEnT mod menu.Added: Possibility for admins to modify the loading screen of their server. As opposed to modifying the loading screen of every server.
    Added: New client command mem_report. This command prints diagnostics of the client memory pooling.
    Added: New client cvars: cg_numPopups, cg_popupStayTime and cg_popupFadeTime for controlling popup behaviour.
    Added: Server checks the setup and refuses to start if problems are found. This includes checks that official menus are not modified.
    Added: New option g_forceLimboHealth 2, which matches the ETPro gib damage (125).The option 1 remains as the original ETPub gib health (150).
    Added: Rate setting is incresed automatically step by step if fragmented snapshots are received from the server. This improves the playability and removes the need to force this setting to players.
    Added: Server extension modules. With this technology, server functionality can be expanded to various tasks without bloating the qagame library or forcing every admin to use same extension.
    Added: Statistics module. This module collects various game play data into a relational database. Current choices are SQLit3 and PostgreSQL.
    Added: Censor module. This module can be configured to censor names and chat with real regular expressions.
    Added: new fun wars: !knifewar, !stenwar, !riflenadewar, !rifleshootwar, !pistolwar (added g_headshot bitmask value 4 to control instagib of headshot for pistolwar).
    Added: New server cvar: g_incognitoCountryFlag to control the country flag displayed for the incognito admin.
    Added: If g_dmg is set server side, body hitsounds have different volumes depending of the damage. This can be disabled by the players.
    Added: Forcing some cvars is now restricted. These include the client side hitsound selection and theme.

    Added: Player screenshots. Now admins can take player screenshots which works same as PB screenshots. 2.6b clients supported. Screenshot will have Server name, IP, Player Name, silEnT GUID, PB GUID and Player IP in it.

    Fixed: G_QueryClientCvar/et_CvarValue can no longer be used to query rcon password.

    Fixed: In silEnT AC a part of the Anti-Cheat was not compiled into the mod in version 0.8.2. This resulted some previously known cheats to not getting detected.

    Fixed: The arm hit detection was not working correctly from the side shots. Fixed by adding additional temporary box for the torso.
    Fixed: !rename admin command doesn’t allow adding backslashes to names anymore.
    Fixed: sv_cvar OUT handling.
    Fixed: Objective carry icon counting spectators too.
    Fixed: Crashes related to UI_Alloc running out of memory. It does not run out of memory.
    Fixed: Ties on highest fragger are solved by comparing kill/death difference. I.e. less deaths will win.
    Fixed: When g_realbody was set to 1. With certain crouch animations the middle box was not high enough to cover shoulders.
    Fixed: Ties on the most headshots are solved by comparing the amount of shots fired to reach the amount. The player with less shots fired will win.
    Fixed: et_UpgradeSkill Lua hook was passing invalid client numbers to scripts.
    Fixed: Allied hand grenades erroneously recorded kills as axis hand grenades. This change should be noted by all log parsers that parse MOD_ values from kills.
    Fixed: g_headshot bitmask value 2. It used to apply the g_instagibDamage to every hit. Fixed to apply the damage to only headshots.
    Fixed: tripmine palcement bug leading to exploit (thanks to Beck for the report).
    Fixed: theme bug regarding small titled windows.
    Fixed: report bug official menu had bad background definition (with widescreen).
    Fixed: The g_weapons flag 32768 was treated as always enabled if any of the g_weapons flags was set.
    Fixed: Missing ETPro icon from the SD credits menu.
    Fixed: Non-literal characters not allowed in names anymore.
    Fixed: Omni-bot + tripmine crash when the map script is missing “script_multiplayer”.
    Removed: ui_autoredirect client cvar. This is used to hack player games. Redirecting still works, but players are presented a choice in a popup.
    Improved: rifle war nade shooting is not influenced by the charge bar anymore.
    Improved: Menus cleaned. All options can be found under the Options button.
    Changed: silEnT mod uses now LUA 5.3.

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    silEnT mod team

No Quarter is a modification for the freely available multi-player game, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory by Splash Damage. No Quarter offers the public player an unique gaming experience with new weapons, extra class skills and many more new additions and features.

  • * Originalmente basado en ETPub, pero con un montón de cambios, player/kill calificaciones o ATB, basada en generar menos stat.
    * Nuevas armas, incluyendo una escopeta, BAR, StG44, Bazooka y MP34.
    * Las nuevas habilidades hasta el nivel 9, incluyendo ejecuciones con pistola y Reanimación en el campo de batalla (CPR)
    * Más comandos shrubbot,!pants, !glow,  !showbans, and !freeze
    * Nuevos rangos, para un total de 19, a diferencia del original 11. Rango insignia difiere por equipo.
    * Habilidades Aura, al igual que los juegos de rol, con zona de efecto.
    * Varios modos de diversión, entre ellos spawn instantánea, cohetes guiados, panzer y cámara de mortero, y lanzar firebolt.
    * Nuevos skins para la cara.
    * Diversión con los nuevos premios del final de partida.
    * Visible player leaning
    * Las armas se pueden soltar y clips lanzables, para compartir munición
    * barra de oxígeno bajo el agua.
    * ETPro hitboxes
    * Opciones Realismo, incluyendo sentadilla realista y sin disparos en las escaleras
    * minas terrestres Personalizable y ataque aéreo de color humo, por equipo
    * guiones de armas personalizables
    * Patada – jugadores, granadas y latas de ataque aéreo.
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