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Alcazaba_assault fp2

Changelog 1/11/2011

-He has reduced the space on the beach, (no good for nothing).
-Added some construction near the Axis spawns to protect the SK
-Added some buildings for the sole purpose of cutting the map, and try to reduce lag
-Added model mascot CLAN TNT inside Plaza TNT.
-The construction of the big door has been moved next to the same.
-Added new files waypoint


Este es nuestro primer mapa y ha sido concebido muy precariamente,
el mapa no tiene una calidad de construccion buena, y esperamos ir mejorandolo
leyendo mas tutoriales y con algo mas de práctica.
Ante todo gracias por jugarlo.

This is our first map and is designed very poorly,
the map does not have a good quality construction,
and we get better by reading more tutorials and practice something else.
First of all thanks for playing.

Author : TNT*|Cinco and |HDR|ElPeortirador
Location : ESPAÑA, Spain
E-mail :
Game : Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory

Programs used
– Enemy Territory
– GtkRadient 1.4.0 and 1.5.0
– Jasc Paint Shop
– PackSpace
– Cat Model Milkshape3D


Attack AXIS
Defend Allies

Escort the Tank to the hermit and blow the windown. Dynamite the Safe and steal the Secret Documents.
Build the Fieldradio to transmit the Secret Orders.
The Command Post is very important cause it activates Spawnpoints.

– Destroy Tank Big Door #1
– Destroy Tank Barrier #2
– Escort the Tank to the hermit and Destroy the windown.
– Dynamite the Safe Door.
– Steal the Secret Documents.
– Build the Fieldradio and Transmit the Secret Order.
– Build the neutral Command Post to enable the CP Spawn.


– Build/Defend Tank Big Door #1
– Build/Defend Tank Barrier #2
– Dont let the Axis blow the Bunker windown.
– Defend the Safe Door.
– Destroy the Fieldradio.
– Build the neutral Command Post to enable the CP Spawn.
Axis 15
Allies 20

Pet cat TNT model by TNT*|Cinco, based on the cat Alice American Mcgee

textures from :
Berlin Caen Pha_Chateau Warbell
Bremen Italy Parisbastille Password2

Thanks to IndyJones for the map Italy and cyburk for the map Industry

Gracias al clan TNT por alojar y probar el mapa es sus servidores y a todos sus componentes ( OZU!!! que buena gente men )
Gracias a “Kuqui” y a “Salo”, por aguantarnos.
Gracias a la comunidad, que aun hoy, sigue jugando a este magnifico juego.



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