Adlernest Roof B3

Adlernest Roof B3

Adlernest Roof beta 3 – Modified by KiSsMySeXyAsS a.k.a. MorpHDoc

– Roof access added from CP spawn and axis spawn after the controls are blown
– Added access to the abyss with rope exit leading to under axis spawn
– Bug jump on the roof removed
– Added rocket launcher (can be used once only), which creates a hole in the roof (near the ammo packs)
– Removed walls next to the ammo packs

Changes by KiSsMySeXyAsS aka MorpHDoc

– created a radar command room on the roof
– created ammo packs for Axis in the radar command room
– created tunnel from Allies first spawn to back of the ammo packs
– created ladder to access the roof from the outside (only after the missile is launched)
– created axis CP room and tunnel to the transmitter from that room adlernest_roof_b2
– added details to the room on the roof from the allies CP spawn
– created a missile launcher to create a hole in the roof
– remove access from the abyss, but players can still reach the abyss
– remove the wall next to the ammo packs adlernest_roof_b1
– added roof access from Allies CP and Axis Spawn
– added abyss access

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