Teuthonia Final

Teuthonia Final

ET Map Teuthonia Final released by Teuthis.

=== New Map Features ===
–  A second bank entrance has now been created
– There are more obstacles to provide cover at both axis spawns
– There’s a new tunnel system
– A new balcony near axis the spawn to allow sniping (but just a bit)
– Texture and script errors have been fixed
– Lots of new models added too
“I do not plan to come up with another version as I wanna close this chapter in order to move on with some new map projects. Nevertheless, I appreciate feedback, either positive or negative, it doesn’t matter.” – Teuthis

=== Special thanks ===
– Thunder (TWT) for the great models
– Mateos (TWT) and TomTom for help with script problems
– Micha (TWT) for the waypoints
– the Clans of Dark Alchemy and WF-Gaming for testing the Beta version.

=== TWT News ===
In order to keep Wolf-ET alive, the Community requires new mappers. TheWolfTeam (TWT) is in the process of coming up with an initiative to attract interested newcomers to the art of mapping. As many websites for mappers are now dead we will try to revive the Mapping Community by providing tons of tutorials, awesome models and ready to use prefabs.
Most importantly , experienced personnel to help with everything related to making maps, (e.g., scripting, brushwork, everything). Long story, short version. Those people who are interested should sign up at TWT and start learning how to make their very own awesome, new maps. Your Wolfenstein Community needs you.

Download on Wolfenstein4ever.de