= Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer =

    = Winter Storm League 6v6 - Groupstage Week 3 =

    It's week three of the 'RtCW Winter Strom 2020' tournament and more vital league points are up for grabs. This week the matches featured are FF versus OMG and KiH versus RAW. We have MerlinatoR providing the official shoutcast and many thanks to Homie from 'Crossfire' for the superb video highlights.

    The official Crossfire website HERE

    MerlinatoR's official Twitch channel HERE

    Homie on Youtube HERE

    = Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

    = Dingenskirchen B7 =

    This is the latest release of the 'Dingenskirchen' map for 'Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory', which originally began as a collaboration between Phisherman and Kemon.

    -----Story----- December 1944: Allied forces threaten to cross the Siegfried Line and advance into Germany. In a strategy meeting in an Eifel castle, German Armed Forces High Command has worked out plans on how to repel the invaders. Allied Intelligence wants these plans destroyed before they can be distributed to the front line.

    A note to 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' fans:

    Unlike the previous releases of the map, this is a heavily consored version which has had all the authentic and historically accurate World War 2 imagery removed from it and therefore resembles a standard 'Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory' map, rather than a tribute to 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein'.

    If you want the uncensored and historically accurate version of 'Dingenskirchen' please download the previous versions instead.


    Download the beta 7 version HERE

    Source - ModDB - Kemon


    = Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

    = etl:Frostbite version 7 =

    This map is an overhaul of the original Frostbite map, created by Moonkey. As part of the ET: Legacy asset creation effort certain maps are being overhauled. Those maps have been selected for their stable gameplay even in a competitive environment.

    -----Changelog----- to last version: •    Added missing crates •    Simplified clip placement for better navigation •    Overhauled general lighting •    Improved colour coding of different areas inside the facility to original: •    The player is now able to stop and revert Storage Wall movement by activating the button again. •    Alarm now also sounds when the Service Door has been dynamited before the Storage Wall and Main Door. •    Structural mesh and VIS blocking has been improved •    Visual changes have been made


    Download the new version HERE

    Source - Enemy Territory Stuff - Kate

    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer =

    = RtCW 4Kings QuakeCon 2003 Documentary =

    The classic 'RtCW' film features the 'Four Kings' Return to Castle Wolfenstein squad as they compete at Quakecon 2003 for the prize of $20.000.

    Many thanks to Homie from 'Crossfire' for posting the video.

    The official Crossfire website HERE

    Homie on Youtube HERE

    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer =

    = Winter Storm League 6v6 - Groupstage Week 2 =

    It's week two of the 'RtCW Winter Strom 2020' tournament, ladies and gents, with 'Trinity v Bonkas' and 'KIH v N/A'. Once again we have the one and only MerlinatoR with the official shoutcast and Homie from 'Crossfire' providing the video highlights.

    Who will grab the vital league points? Tune in to the 'RtCW' action and find out!

    Official Crossfire website HERE

    MerlinatoR's official Twitch channel HERE

    Homie on Youtube HERE

    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

    = Level Design Tutorials =

    All 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' fans have loved playing the the singleplayer adventure of the game and all the superb custom singleplayer missions too, created by our very talented Wolfenstein Community.

    However, have you, as an 'RtCW' fan, ever considered creating your own singleplayer missions for this iconic World War 'FPS' game? The thought of doing so may seem a daunting challenge at first, but with the right help to support you through each step of the process creating your first 'RtCW' adventure would be so much easier.

    'RtCW' fan and mapper, Skuzzy, (aka Matthew Weichold), has created his own website and 'Discord' channel to do just that, help you every step of the way as you learn the level designing of 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein'.

    Sign up at the website, join the 'Discord' channel and take your first steps in 'RtCW' level design.

    Official RtCW level design website HERE

    Official RtCW level design Discord channel HERE

    Skuzzy on Youtube HERE

    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer =

    = Winter Storm League 6v6 - Groupstage Week 1 =

    The 'RtCW Winter Strom 2020' tournament has kicked off, folks, with all the week 1 frags taking place. Catch all the action in the latest video highlights, courtesy of Homie from 'Crossfire'. The shoutcast for these opening fixtures is provided by MerlinatoR.

    Official Crossfire website HERE

    MerlinatoR on Twitch HERE

    Homie on Youtube HERE

    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer =

    = 2020 Winter Storm =

    Virus, from the Crossfire Community, has released the details of the upcoming 'RtCW League', the new '2020 Winter Storm'.

    Here's what he had to say:

    "Hello everyone from the RtCW Community. First of all, I want to thank Homie for organizing the 'One Day Cup' on the 22nd of December 2019, which went pretty well, also Murkey for setting up several 'OSP' servers and not forgetting MerlinatoR, for streaming and shoutcasting the event. The success of this event then motivated me to organize the 'One Day Cup', that took place on the 26th of January 2020, which was also successful. Now its time for the real deal, an 'RtCW League' after all these years!"

    Details: - The tournament will consist of a 'One-Group-League', with an 'all vs all' mode, with each team meeting the rest of the teams once. -  All games from the league will be played on Sundays, at 19:30/20:00 and 20:30/21:00 CET, so that MerlinatoR can provide us with his stream and shoutcast! Further streamers and shoutcasters are also welcome to join in!

    Tournament Rules:

    The detailed rules for the league can be seen HERE (Please read the rules carefully before signing up and before every game to avoid discussions and misunderstandings!)

    - Rescheduling and 'delayed games' rules are currently being discussed.

    - The league will last for 9 weeks. The team with the most match points wins the league! After the league ends, the best 4 teams will compete in the semi-finals and the winners of the game in the grand final, in order to determine the Ultimate Champions and close this large event with 4 more epic games! The other 2 teams will compete for 3rd place! These games will take place the following 2 weeks, after the end of the league.

    More RtCW League details and official tournament sign-ups HERE

    MerlinatoR on Twitch HERE

    Homie on Youtube HERE

    RtCW Discord HERE

    Source - Crossfire - Virus047

    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative Mod =

    = RtCW Coop Hidden Wolf =

    This is Yo$hik's conversion of the 'RtCW' singleplayer mission, 'Hidden Wolf', originally created by SWEFighter, for the multiplayer modification, 'RtCW Cooperative'.

    Your Mission:

    You are dropped nearby an Axis fortress, where our intelligence agents have located an entrance to a submarine hangar, containing an Axis Uboat. You must find a way into the fortress, locate the Uboat and destroy it!


    Download the new mission HERE

    Source - ModDB - Yo$hik


    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

    = RtCW Venom Mod 6.5.2 =

    Hellbaron has released a new version of his 'RtCW Venom' modification for 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein'.

    Whats new?:

    1] Several fixes and new textures. 2] Revisited shaders and AI. 3] Nvidia shaders reworked. (SP/MP)


    Download the new release HERE

    Download the shaders for Nvidia users HERE

    Hellbaron on Youtube HERE

    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative Mod =

    = RtCW Cooperative - New Player Characters =

    Yoshik has released two more new sets of player characters for 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative Mod'. The first pack consists of the familiar ladies of 'RtCW', but this time they're ready to take up a combat role.

    The second new player pack is made up of members of the resistence fighters of the Kreisau Circle.


    Download the female player characters HERE

    Download the Kreisau player characters HERE

    Source - ModDB - Yo$hik

    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative Mod =

    = RtCW Coop OSA Skin Pack =

    Yoshik has released an OSA skin pack for players to use when fragging on 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative Mod'. The pack includes skins for Higgs, Jack and Agent One and is a fun addition for fans of the 'RtCW Coop' mod to enjoy.

    Download the new skin pack HERE

    Source - ModDB - Yo$hik

    Installation instructions for the skin pack are contained in the video:

    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer =

    = 6 v 6 Crossfire Christmas One Day Cup =


    The exciting video highlights of the recent 6 v 6 Crossfire Christmas One Day Cup, Merlinator is doing the official shoutcast.

    Crossfire Community HERE

    Source - Youtube - Homie

    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

    = Black Ops III - Omaha Beach =

    Following up on his excellent tribute to 'Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory' on the 'Black Ops III' engine, Wolfetplayer has created a tribute mission to the classic 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' map, 'Beach Invasion'.

    The mission is entitled 'Omaha Beach' and the players take on the role of the defenders as they try to fend off a Zombie invasion.


    Features: -World War 2 weapons -Main EE quest with buyable V2 rocket launch ending -Timed Gameplay -Ability to call for fire support -Zipline -Custom box and PaP models -Custom announcers -9 perks -Claymore mines -Trading table -Turret traps -6 Teddies EE with 2 perks reward for each player -Buildable Dragon Shield -Buildable PaP -Custom powerups-Bank where players can share points

    Main EE guide: 1. Enable power 2. Find the book with the rocket launch codes (officers bedroom in the lower bunker) 3. Turn on the radio tower 4. Transfer the codes through transmitter (50k points). Transmitter is located near the pap room. 5. Hold on for 2 minutes till the V2 rocket arrives. !Warning! Zombies will have increased speed and health during this end fight. Also additional spawners will be activated. Spawn delay will be minimal. So prepare for a fight.

    PaP quest guide: 1. Find the key. (medical office room) 2. Find the PaP parts (1st in the Winchester Shotgun Room, 2nd in the MP40 room) 3. Open the bunker last door with the key. 4. Craft PaP with crafting table.

      Download the new mission HERE  


    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

    = Reminiscence =


    Bully from our Wolfenstein Community has released a new 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' multiplayer video which highlights some of the best moments you'll ever see on any 'RtCW' server.

    Enjoy the superb frag action :

    Source - Wolfenstein4ever - D3xt3r

    - Max Downton

    GENDER PAY GAP REPORT “At Splash Damage we continue to work hard to foster a diverse workforce. We’ve taken significant steps to increase fairness and equality throughout our studio, from candidate recruitment to recognition, rewards, and progression. While we have made progress on all these fronts, our biggest challenge as a company is to see […]

    The post Gender Pay Gap Report 2019 appeared first on Splash Damage.

    - Max Downton

    We’re thrilled to finally announce that we’re working on an exclusive title in partnership with Google Stadia. At Splash Damage we’re always looking to innovate, and always looking for partners and platforms that allow us to do just that. We’ve been huge fans of Stadia ever since it was announced and have been amazed by […]

    The post Splash Damage & Stadia appeared first on Splash Damage.

    - Max Downton

    Late last year we sat down with our HR team to talk about an increased focus on the wellbeing of our staff at Splash Damage. We talked about how as our staff get older their priorities in life change, and that our benefits package should be reflective of those changes for those who need it. […]

    The post New Benefits, including 30 weeks of fully paid maternity leave appeared first on Splash Damage.

    - Max Downton

    28% of the UK games industry identifies as female, with that percentage dropping even lower in development-specific or senior management roles. This information, while welcome, has thrown into sharp focus some of our own challenges. In this piece, we dive into our studio’s diversity, where and how we’ve fallen short in the past, and what […]

    The post Splash Damage, Diversity, and the UKIE Census appeared first on Splash Damage.

    - Ryan Grant

    We know, we know; you knew Halo Reach was out! But we can’t update the newsletter headings on Mailchimp… That said, November was one heck of a month for the studio; Halo Reach launched, Gears 5 won a bunch of awards and some of our staff were in the wild giving interviews and talks. So […]

    The post Newsletter #7: Halo Reach is out! appeared first on Splash Damage.

    Game Dev Twitter is an amazing place. Tips and tricks, hacky solutions to common problems, and a great place to make friends. A short while ago, though, Game Dev Twitter exploded with talk of bugs. Stupid ones, funny ones, ones impossible to solve, ones so complex it takes legions of anonymous internet users to crack. […]

    The post Ask Splash: Weirdest Bugs appeared first on Splash Damage.

    At The Game Awards 2019, Geoff Keighley took to the stage to re-reveal Gears Tactics. Gears Tactics is a fast-paced, turn-based strategy game. Developed by The Coalition and Splash Damage, Gears Tactics is set 12 years before the first Gears of War. Cities across the planet Sera are beginning to fall to the monstrous threat […]

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    The time has almost come. Halo: Reach arrives on December 3rd via Xbox Game Pass, the Microsoft Store, and Steam and is now available for pre-order! For PC players there are a number of ways to get your hands on Halo: Reach when it launches: Subscribe to Xbox Game Pass for PC and get Halo: […]

    The post Halo: Reach launches on December 3rd appeared first on Splash Damage.

    This month we’re celebrating both Movember and International Men’s Day. If you checked out our update about Wellbeing Week you’ll know that Mental Health is something that we’re striving to talk about more and to normalise. To that end, this past month we’ve been celebrating Movember — a charity cause raising awareness around both Men’s […]

    The post Movember at Splash Damage appeared first on Splash Damage.

    This past Friday we headed to the 37th annual The Golden Joystick Awards 2019 with our fingers and toes crossed; Gears 5 was up for Xbox Game of the Year. For those who don’t know, The Golden Joystick Awards are special because they’re mainly voted for by you, the public! Over 3.5 million votes were […]

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