= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

    = RtCWCoop (Anniversary Upgrade) - Tram Ride =


    The lads bring us their epic battle from the Tram Station in "Return to Castle Wolfenstein". Lots of great action and plenty of laughs too 🙂 .

    RtCW Cooperative Mod website HERE

    85 Productions website HERE

    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

    = RtCW Venom Mod April 2018 =


    This is Hellbaron's latest update for "RtCW Venom Mod" which now has a lot of improved features. As always, two versions of the mod have been released so that Nvidia graphics card users can also enjoy all the benefits of this excellent "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" modification.


    - A new texture added to the Sten Gun, reworked by Teh Snake. Now in high resolution.

    - Many new texture fixes added.

    - New textures for the medkit model.

    Download RtCW Venom Mod HERE

    Download RtCW Venom Mod Nvidia HERE

    Hellbaron on ModDB HERE

    Source - RonboyProductions - Ronboy

    12 Years Wolfenstein4ever

    Wolfenstein4ever celebrates 12th anniversary - Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory are still alive, thanks to a hard-working community, faithful players, some websites and the fact that there are still no new comparable MP game, which is also still free. I wish you all still a lot of fun with our beloved Wolf games as long as possible!! 😉

    d3Xter @ Wolfenstein4ever

    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative Mod =


    Part two of the RtCWCoop (Anniversary Upgrade) weekly walkthrough in "Nighmare" mode.

    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

    = Wolfenstein Skeleton Exporter v1.1 =


    Due to many of the original links to this software now being in a "broken" state, we have uploaded it to "" for easy download access for our Wolfenstein Community.

    This software was originally created by Jim Dosé of "Ritual Entertainment" and then modified by TiCaL of the "Tramdesign" website. Many thanks also to Ryan Feltrin for his input in the development of this excellent software.

    The "Wolfentein Skeletal Exporter" imports/exports skeleton models (*.MDS) for use with "Return to Castle Wolfenstein". It supports Character Studio v2.2 or higher and can be used in conjunction with "3DS Max". The download includes the "buildmds.dll" and the "skelout.dle" files, a "readme.mht" is also included, which will take you to the webpage with all the installation instructions you need.

    Download the software HERE

    Source - Wolfenstein European Brigade - {WeB}*GANG$TA*


    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative Mod =


    This is the start of the "RtCWCoop" (Anniversary Upgrade) weekly walkthrough, with William (TITEUF-85) and Charles (Rocket_Warrior85). Follow them on their journey as they return to Castle Wolfenstein and beyond, fighting their way through amazing custom maps.

    RtCW Cooperative Mod website HERE

    85 Productions website HERE

    = Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

    = UJE Paris =


    This the first public release of the "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" map, "UJE Paris", created by the [UJE] Clan. The map has excellent gameplay and the map lighting and textures are superb too. Another bonus for us is the fact that it's also an Axis-attack map, so grab your MP40 and complete those objectives, Soldat!



    [UJE] Clan website HERE                               

    Download the UJE Paris map HERE

    Source - Wolfenstein4ever - D3xt3r


    UJE Paris b1

    [UJE] Niek releases his new handsome Enemy Territory map - UJE-Paris beta 1.

    The Axis forces are invading Paris this time. They are on their way passing the Seine into the center of Paris where they want to destroy the Eiffel Tower. France will be fallen if they succeed. The Allied forces need to stop them at all costs

    Axis Objective* Escort both Tanks into Paris* Destroy 2 Tank barriers* Destroy the Eiffel Tower* Build the commandpost

    Allied Objective* Stop the Tanks* Build the commandpost

    Special thanks to Fabi for the scripting adjustments and thanks to everyone that keeps the game alive. And thanks for whoever made the models ,they rock.

    Source: | Niek via FB

    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

    = RtCW Venom Mod v5.4 - 2018 - Updated =


    This is Hellbaron's latest update for his superb "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" modification, "RtCW Venom Mod".

    Change log:

    # Fixed the third person model of the venom gun and sten gun (SP/MP).

    # Better terrain resolution.

    # New textures, new effects and better bullet marks.


    Download the new version of standard Venom Mod HERE

    Download the new Nvidia version HERE

    Hellbaron on ModDB HERE

    Source - RonboyProductions - Ronboy

    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

    = American Civil War Mod =

    = Alpha-Test =


    This is PAV's alpha-test release of his "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" singleplayer modification "American Civil War". Lots of new maps to play as you fight your way through this wild west adventure.


    PAV's website HERE

    Download the alpha-test version HERE

    The download includes Knightmare's "RtCW" patch for those who wish to utilise modern screen resolutions.

    = RTCW Venom Mod v5.4 - 2018 =


    Hellbaron has released an updated version of his excellent "RtCW Venom Mod".


    ~ Fixed the fonts for "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" multiplayer.

    ~ Fixed some more textures.

    ~ Added a new shield effect for both singleplayer and multiplayer.


    Download "RtCW Venom Mod v5.4 - 2018" HERE

    Download "RtCW Venom Mod Nvidia - 2018" HERE

    Source - ModDB - Hellbaron

    = Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

    = Arta Beta 1 =


    This is the first "beta" release of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory map, "Arta", created by Sage and Pegazus from SM-Mapping.


    After the attack at Capuzzo Airport, the Axis engineers have moved their engineering project to an underground base in Arta, Greece. With the surrender of the Italian government, the German forces are most likely to withdraw to the north and carry on their super plane project in mainland Germany.

    This is the last chance for the Allies to stop the Axis super plane project. If the Allies lose this battle then the Luftwaffe will dominate the skies once again.


    Download the new version with botfiles HERE

    Source - Splatterladder - Sage

    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

    = Real Gunshots Mod - Created by Saxon =


    This is the real gunshots mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, created by Saxon, which has been fixed and updated by GlitchyJoe from ModDB. Here's what he had to say about this update: Saxon's (all credit to him) mod was incorrectly made and not maintained. He must have used a 7zip file and renamed the extention to .pk3 from .7z This is incorrect. You must take an existing .pk3 file, empty it and then mod it's insides as you desire or simply rename a zip file to pk3. About the Mod: Real weapon sounds pack for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The audio in this pack replaces most of the default weapon sounds for RtCW, including the default reload sounds. - Weapon sounds included are: - Colt 1911 - FG42 - M1 Carbine silenced Snooper Rifle - Luger P08 - Mauser K98 (yeah I know, technically the in-game model is a Garand but whatever) - MG42 - MP40 - Silenced Sten - Thompson - Venom (sounds were pulled from an MG42, because this gun is fake) I've also included some proper German voices which are unused sounds from Condition Zero. It's kind of nice to hear proper German in-game! Sadly I haven't been able to replace the scripted voices. Please do not re-use these sounds without permission. Installation: Just place the .pk3 file in the main folder of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Download the sound mod HERE

    GlitchyJoe on ModDB HERE

    Saxon on ModDB HERE

    = RTCW Venom Mod v5.4 Nvidia build =


    This is Hellbaron's new releaese of his superb "Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Venom Mod Version 5.4" exclusively for Nvidia graphics card users, those players who have never been able to enjoy the full benefits of using this excellent modification.


    Download the new Nvidia version HERE

    RtCW 1.4 and 1.41 patches HERE

    Hellbaron on ModDB HERE

    Source - Ronboyproductions - Ronboy


    = Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

    = Blackmoon Raid Beta 1 =


    This is the first "beta" release of "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" map, "Blackmoon Raid", created by WuTangH.

    The Allied squad must escort their tank to the Axis Depot, through the heavily-defended town, in order to reach and destroy the Axis power generator located there. The Axis squad must do all in their power to stop them.




    Download the new map HERE

    Botfiles, created by Mateos, included in the map download file.

    Source - Splatterladder - -|D|-Ray

    - Max

    Hunter has arrived. Check out our brand new microsite for more information.


    The Alaskan Hunter may be a man of few words, but with a short-temper and a state of the art arsenal MercSERV couldn't wait to get him on the books.

    Hunter brings with him a brand new set of weapons; from the slow firing, hard hitting Ryburn machine pistol, to the short range, fast firing Averarov 9 pistol. He also carries the stylish and deadly Ulu.

    His Special Edition Loadout Card is also available in the store.


    Phantom has always been one of the more polarising Mercs, often being fun to play, but fairly limited in team-viability and utility in comparison to other Mercs. With these changes, Phantom will be more of a 'silent operative', capable of sneaking behind enemy lines to cause disruption with his EMP Wave and first-shot potential.

    Phantom's Obsidian Operative Loadout Card also returns to the store.


    The goal with all Dirty Bomb maps is to have the first objective be completed nearly every time, as we feel what keeps the maps enjoyable to play is the sense of progression rather than being stuck on the first objective all game. Our telemetry showed that Terminals first objective was the least completed in the game. Terminal Redux seeks to make the first objective attacker sided, this involved a full rebuild of the first objective space and its objectives, primary and secondary. You will still recognise the themes in Terminal but with a new layout that after many tests we feel tilts the balance in Jackals favour.

    - Marbles

    We're thrilled to announce that we placed 47th in the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For lists 2018! This is a huge achievement for us and we’re proud to be the first video games company to own such a prestigious award.

    Each organisation that reaches for The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work for list is vigorously checked on their workplace performance, and the results are based purely on employee opinions on factors such as well-being, personal growth and leadership. 

    We’ve come a long way since 2001 when three friends who played and made games together founded Splash Damage. We’ve built relationships with some of the world’s most beloved IPs and platforms, regularly invest in our own original properties, and now have over 300 talented employees within our studio.

    Although we’re continuing to expand, the happiness and well-being of our staff remains at the heart of everything we do.

    If you’re interested in a career at Splash Damage, find out more about our fantastic culture and benefits, including our open roles right here.

    - Marbles

    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

    September 29th 2007. The iPhone had just gone on sale, Gordon Brown had just been appointed Prime Minister, and a plucky studio in London was celebrating releasing a brand-new game.

    We sat down with Arnout Van Meer and Richard Jolly, founders of Splash Damage, for a trip down memory lane.

    Arnout Van Meer: “[This] was the first title we did where we really felt like a proper company, instead of some amateurs that managed to land a lucky project!”

    Quake is an IP that had been established over many years, long before the opportunity arose for Splash Damage to work on it. Three small rooms, a dozen staff working on projects – this was the classic “bedroom developer".

    Arnout Van Meer and Richard Jolly, founders of Splash Damage, for a trip down memory lane

    Splash Damage was a studio built from the community. Its first major project, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, had garnered praise the world over.

    AVM: “After finishing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (Wolf:ET), id Software and Activision were happy with the reception of a multiplayer-only title and were looking to do more with their franchises. Doom 3 had already been announced but was single player only at this point. To get familiar with their technology, we helped id Software out with adding multiplayer to Doom 3. While some of the team were completing work on this, the rest of us shifted over to do a proof of concept for a large, open terrain based game with vehicles based on that technology.”

    There were a number of key challenges facing Splash Damage during production; but the scope of the game wasn’t one of them."

    - WasteDog

    A Norwegian death dealer, a redone Dome, a bevy of new rewards, and the ability to Party Up with your friends in Casual matches; We present The Javelin Update.

    - Marbles

    We’re excited to announce that we’re teaming up with leading free-to-play developer and publisher Wargaming on brand-new projects. With years of competitive multiplayer experience under our collective belts, it’s a match made in heaven.

    Check out what Splash Damage’s CEO and Founder, Paul Wedgwood had to say about the partnership:

    “Splash Damage is known for building loyal relationships with the world’s leading platforms, IPs and suppliers, and creating one-of-a-kind teamplay hits. "As gamers, Victor and I share the same passion for our communities. We actively listen to players and strive to put their needs first, whilst forging multiplayer experiences that champion cooperation and help develop new friendships. The Wargaming universe gives our team a great creative canvas, allowing us to develop a game experience for a massive, loyal following, and we’re extremely excited to get started.”

    With the partnership underway we’re actively hiring, so if you’re interested in a studio that’s twice celebrated receiving the Sunday Times Best Companies accreditation (an award, based on employees’ opinions of their welfare at work) and you’ve got the talent to work in an industry leading collaboration, take a look at our open positions.

    You can view the full press release here.

    Let us know what you think about the announcement over on our forums.

    - shoe.

    It's an old fashioned heist, and long awaited Mercenary Turtle is joining the fight.

    - Marbles

    One of our studio values is mastery and our programmers like to pen an internal tech newsletter which covers coding practices and more advanced C++ knowledge. Our Senior Core Tech Programmer, Valentin Galea wants to share some of these articles with you here, including a dedicated Q&A session after each blog post!

    So if you like all things code, let us shepherd you towards the first newsletter in the series:

    Introducing the C++ Tech Blog <!--*/ */ /*-->*/

    Hi, I’m Valentin Galea, Senior Core-Tech programmer here at Splash Damage.

    Bellow you'll find the first edition of our C++ newsletter, almost unabridged from when it was originally sent by email. Enjoy!

    Advanced C++: A Tale Of std::function

    Some time ago whilst working on one of our projects I needed a system that does a sort of "delayed function execution". Essentially I wanted that when some function were called, instead of doing their logic, I would "record" their arguments and push them in a queue so that at a later point in time I would call them. The project uses Unreal Engine 4 compiled with the latest Visual Studio 2015, so I had all C++11/14 at my disposal!

    - shoe.

    Suit up and boot up, Mercs! Along with a Ranked Points weekend, today's update brings some minor fixes, and some not-so-minor additions to the game.

    - shoe.

    Welcome to Crafting Week - a full week of bonuses to help you Craft the cards you're after. Here's what's going down:

    - shoe.

    It's time to get your hands dirty. Ranked Season 3 runs for the next three months, ending on the 12th of September. Now's the time to jump back into the mode Dirty Bomb was built for, with a load of improvements and brand new content.

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