= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

    = RtCW Venom 6.5 - Specular Shader =


    Hellbaron has released a video that highlights his excellent specular shader feature in 'RtCW Venom Mod 6.5' . This is a feature you won't truly get to appreciate by merely looking at in-game screenshots, so watch the video and enjoy the superb visual 'eye candy'.

    Download RtCW Venom Mod Nvidia HERE

    Download RtCW Venom Mod HERE

    Hellbaron on ModDB HERE

    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

    = RtCW Vendetta - Dealing with Dogs =


    Another very enjoyable update from Yo$hik and his 'RtCW: Vendetta' project. Enjoy the new textures, models, German shepherd dogs and chocolate bar energy boosts!


    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

    = RtCW: Vendetta - Road to Update 1.3 =


    More great news for all 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' singleplayer fans, as Yo$hik releases news of an update for his classic mission, 'RtCW Vendetta'. The entire project has been upgraded, with a new, over-all design, including new character voices, models, textures, artwork and sound quality.

    This new version will be based on the modern 'ioRtCW' engine and will also contain the 'RealRtCW' weapons mod.

    Yo$hik on ModDB HERE

    = Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

    = Splatterladder Wolf:ET HD Pack 2.6 =


    This is the updated version of my HD Pack for 'Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory'. There are now two files in the download, however, the larger file is not downloaded by the players joining the server, only the small 14MB file is downloaded directly. - Wolf Enstein


    Mod Installation for Server-Admins: Put the '.pk3' files into the 'etmain' folder only and the small file will be downloaded by players joining your server. They'll have to go to in order to download and use the main HD texture pack. To uninstall this mod just delete the file. Installation for Players: Put the '.pk3' files into your 'etmain' folder. If it's also in the 'etmain' folder of a gameserver you join you will see the HD-textures, weapons and uniforms in-game.

    Download the new version HERE

    Source - Splatterladder - Wolf Enstein

    = Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

    = Enemy Territory II - Update Pt. 2 =

    Here's the latest update from the Devteam on the progress they've been making with the game, including information on new weapons and animations.

    Enemy Territory II on Instagram HERE

    Source - Youtube - Gert



    = Splatterladder Wolf:ET HD Pack =

    = Update =


    Apparently, this version of our 'Wolf: ET' HD Pack is still having to be downloaded from the servers when players, who don't already have the file, connect to them. This is my fault, I made a last minute change to the beta 2.5 version, just prior to releasing it. The file isn't huge, about half a gigabyte in size, but some servers still have slow download speeds, even in today's modern internet world. My apologies to all of the folk who helped me in creating the HD Pack.

    An updated version is already being worked on and we'll notify you all when this is completed. My apologies to anyone who has been inconvenienced by this unexpected development. - Wolf Enstein

    = Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

    = Splatterladder Wolf:ET HD Pack =


    "I created this HD texture pack modification in order to give Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory a more up-to-date appearance. I've used the best HD textures I can find, many of which I've created on my own, also utilising some from other HD packs created for Return to Castle Wolfenstein and some from the excellent work created by Sneakerman, also for Wolf: ET. Many thanks to Harlekin from [!!!]Hirntot for putting me in touch with him. I've changed the weapon skins, the vehicle skins and also the skins for the soldiers, giving them a more realistic appearance. I hope you all enjoy using the new HD pack and that it adds to your pleasure of playing one of the best team-based, objective-focussed FPS titles ever created." - Wolf Enstein



    Mod Installation for Server-Admins: Put the .pk3 file into the etmain-folder. If players without the file join your server they will have to download it from your server in order to join it. The file is 637MB in size. In order to avoid this server download, players should go to and download the file from there. This version of the mod replaces the textures and 4 of the Axis troops models. The Axis medic model is unaffected. To uninstall this mod just delete the file.

    Mod Installation for Players: Put the .pk3 file into your 'etmain' folder. If it's also in the 'etmain' folder of a gameserver you join you will see the HD-textures, weapons, vehicles and uniforms in-game. Many Thanks:

    ETc|Jay - Wolf: ET - Testing and bug fixes

    [DIABOLIK]$mart - Wolf: ET - Testing and advice

    Ronboy - Wolf: ET and RtCW - Testing and advice

    Sneakerman - Wolf: ET - HD textures

    Harlekin - Wolf: ET - Help and advice

    Eugeny Panikarowsky - RtCW - Textures

    WolfETPlayer - RtCW - Textures

    Hellbaron - RtCW - Textures

    AidenDemon - RtCW - Weapon skins and textures

    BraSSo - RtCW - Allied Soldier skins

    Dr.EViL - RtCW - Axis Soldier skins

    Teh Snake - RtCW - Weapon skins

    OSJClatchford - RtCW - Weapon skins

    Download the Splatterladder Wolf:ET HD Pack HERE

    Source - Splatterladder - Wolf Enstein


    = Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Single-Player =

    = Official Reveal Trailer =


    The only thing that disappointed many "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" fans when "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory", the sequel to the game, was released, was the fact that the singleplayer version of the game was never completed. Splash Damage had made such an amazing job of creating the multiplayer version that it left many in our Wolfenstein Community wondering, "...what if?...".

    Well, it gives all of here at Wolffiles great pleasure to announce that thanks to our amazing community mappers and modders we can now get to experience what might have been with the creation of "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Single-Player", by William Faure of "85 Productions".

    Enjoy the official reveal trailer on Youtube!


    = Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

    = ET: Legacy - Coders Needed =


    In respects to "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" and "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory", our Wolfenstein Community has been very fortunate over the years to have enjoyed so many superb game modifications. These community-created mods have enhanced our Wolfenstein games and in turn, our gaming experience too, giving us a very varied and enjoyable menu to choose from.

    However, with regards to "Wolf: ET", we at Splatterladder and Wolffiles have to give a special mention to one modification in particular and that is the excellent "ET: Legacy Mod". This is far more than a game modification, it's actually a rebuild of the game, from the ground up, just like it's "RtCW" counterpart, "ioRtCW".

    At this moment in time, "ET: Legacy" is considered by many players to be the future of our beloved game and every year it just gets better and better. The Devteam have many helpers, in respects to mappers, testers and bug reporting, but they still lack the necessary numbers in respects to game coders which, if rectified, would really increase the progress of game development.

    If you are a coder, or have friends who code, please visit the Devteam on their "Discord" channel and discuss how you can help contribute to this superb game rebuild. You won't regret it.


    ET: Legacy Discord channel HERE

    ET: Legacy Official website HERE

    = Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

    = The ETernity LAN: Results =


    Yet again the Wolf: ET community has shown how tight and strong it is. We made the impossible happen and experienced another LAN, 16 years (!) after its release. Elysium were the happy winners and took the trophy at the ETernity LAN. We would like to thank everyone involved for making this a pleasure to host and to make this a lifelong memory for all of us.

    6on6 tournament:

    Elysium - € 1100.00 GiZmOoO, hayaa, iNsAne, Jere, outlAw, Sebhes

    Made in Germany - € 600.00 Aqi, Bl4d3, FiREBALL, FLoPJEHZ, kReSti, stRay

    To Make Odds Even - € 300.00 Abj, BloOdje, dialer, h2o, lEku, toNi

    3on3 tournament:

    Team-Visual - € 540.00 Jay, GiZmOoO, outlAw

    TCGOnline - € 270.00 Abj, lEku, h2o

    Teamoxid - € 150.00 FiREBALL, KRESTi, stRay

    Thanks for helping us:

    * Msh100 (and Teamspeak) for setting up the game servers and teamspeak

    * Daniel (TakeTV) for hosting us and offering a brilliant venue

    * Fnsipai for offering us with the streamgraphics

    * Kimi for creating the replays

    * The crew at the bar for setting up beer pong and letting us drink

    * Aqi, Bl4d3, DirtyHarry, FiREBALL, kReSti for preparing every PC

    * Everyone who helped cleaning, especially Jere

    * Ekto for being the most responsible and available admin

    * Pds, Rayzed, Mental, Eujen and the entire "" for being our core moderators of the stream

    * Merl1natoR for streaming the entire weekend on his channel

    * FiREBALL, Aquila, Bl4d3, Jere, Ava, stownage, kReSti for taking screens to the lan

    * Everyone attending and watching from home <3

    source - - Sebhes

    Congratulations to everyone who organised, supported and/or took part in in this excellent Wolf: ET tournament event. Here's hoping for more of the same next year.

    = Enemy Territory II =

    = A Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Remake Project =


    Long-time "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" fan and member of the "" gaming community, who goes by the name of Chubb, has assembled a Devteam in order to begin a project that we've all hoped we'd see one day, a modern recreation of our beloved "Wolf: ET" on a brand new gaming engine.

    The "alpha" stage has now begun and the map that has been the main focus for now is the classic custom "ETPro" map, "Supply Depot". Here's what Chubb had to say about recent project developments and the progress made so far:

    "We'd like to thank everyone for the amazing feedback via Youtube, Instagram and on the website. Thank you to all of our donors too, your support definitely gave us a boost. We invite everyone to actively take part in our contest and we’ll consider every suggestion." - Chubb

    The contest Chubb is refering to is the chance for our Wolfenstein Community to take part in officially naming this new project. The person who's name suggestion is selected will receive his/her name in the game credits, a free copy of the game and also a choice of game merchandise in the future.


    Enemy Territory 2 on Youtube HERE

    Enemy Territory 2 on Instagram HERE

    Source - - Chubb

    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

    = RtCW Cooperative - Operation Vorsichtig =


    More great news for "RtCW Cooperative Mod" fans as Yo$hik releases his excellent conversion of the classic "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" singleplayer mission, "RtCW Operation Vorsichtig".

    You and your troops must penetrate a hidden Axis stronghold, going only by the codename, "The Outpost". Your main mission objective is to locate and eliminate one of the Axis Forces' most dangerous leaders. He's an officer who survived the fall of Castle Wolfenstein and his name is Oberst Bertrand B. Vorsichtig.


    Download the new mission HERE

    Yo$hik on Youtube HERE

    Source - ModDB - Yo$hik

    = Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

    =  The ETernity LAN - Krefeld =



    This weekend marks a huge occasion for Wolf:ET. in what could be one of the final competitive LAN events, taking place in Krefeld, Germany.

    From Friday 17th May to Sunday 19th May some of the finest Wolf:ET teams are competing and the entire event will be streamed live on Twitch.

    Tournament Information:

    Event Schedule - HERE

    Venue location details - HERE

    Competing teams - HERE

    In-game stream -

    Out-game LAN centre stream -

    Tune in this weekend to enjoy some of the very best "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" tournament action!

    Source - SplashDamage - Moobabe

    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

    = RtCW Venom Mod Update =


    Hellbaron has released a quick update for "RtCW Venom Mod" for all "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" fans who enjoy playing the game in conjunction with the excellent "ioRtCW" engine, the modern version of the classic release, created by MAN-AT-ARMS and his devteam.

    The problem arose from the fact that "ioRtCW" doesn't support "r_depthbits 32", it only supports the use of "r_depthbits 24". This caused errors when the two mods were used at the same time.

    Many thanks to HellsBells and Razdor from our Wolfenstein Community for their feedback over on the "RtCW Steam" forums.

    Download RtCW Venom Mod - version 6.5 HERE

    Download RtCW Venom Mod Nvidia - version 6.5 HERE

    Source - ModDB - Hellbaron




    = Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Cooperative Mod =

    = RtCW Coop: Stalingrad =


    Another superb treat for "Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative" fans, as Yo$hik has converted the classic "RtCW" singleplayer mission, "RtCW Stalingrad", for the mod. Another 10 new maps for us all to frag on, as we fight our way through the USSR.


    Download the new mission HERE

    Yo$hik on Youtube HERE

    Source - Wolfmap.RU - Vicpas

    - Max Downton

    We run a work experience program at Splash Damage. Luc was our most recent, and he kindly wrote about his time with us! In June 2019, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to spend two weeks at Splash Damage for work experience. For someone who really loves game development, this was one of […]

    The post Luc’s Fortnight at Splash Damage appeared first on Splash Damage.

    GENDER PAY GAP REPORT “At Splash Damage our mission is to foster lifelong friendships amongst our players. Our industry moves faster than most, and I believe that diversity in our teams is an essential part of staying relevant. I recognise that we have work to do to increase representation at all levels of our studio, […]

    The post Gender Pay Gap Report 2018 appeared first on Splash Damage.

    - Max Downton

    Last night the eyes of the gaming world were on Inside Xbox as 343 Industries announced that Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC. We are thrilled to finally announce that we have joined them on this journey to bring one of gaming’s most beloved franchises to the Microsoft Store and Steam. Our […]

    The post Halo: The Master Chief Collection Announced appeared first on Splash Damage.

    - Max Downton

    We’re excited to announce that we’re celebrating International Women’s Day! Today is about celebrating the achievements of women, raising awareness against bias and taking action for equality. Today we’ll be celebrating the women of Splash Damage and highlighting the essential contributions they make to our games. At Splash Damage we’re dedicated to fair play and equal […]

    The post International Women’s Day appeared first on Splash Damage.

    - Max Downton

    We’ve started a new video series called ‘Ask Splash.’ We get a load of questions from fans and people looking to get into the industry that we wanted to answer, and who better to answer it than some of our devs? We’ll be doing more videos throughout the year, covering topics like ‘How to break […]

    The post Ask Splash Video Series appeared first on Splash Damage.

    - Max Downton

    Last week we made a Facebook post about a few active Wolf:ET communities. Almost one thousand comments later we realised that many of you still play, and many more wish they could get back into the game. So, with the help of the community, we decided it was probably a good idea to try and address some […]

    The post How to play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory in 2019 appeared first on Splash Damage.

    - Max Downton

    Many moons ago, prior to the rise of Kickstarter, we launched a crowdfunding campaign for Dirty Bomb. Three of the rewards, Dirty Bomb’s Game Design Document, Artbook and Original Soundtrack were promised at the full release of the game to the people who pledged money to support the title during that campaign, our ‘Founders.’ We’ve spoken […]

    The post The Design of Dirty Bomb appeared first on Splash Damage.

    - Max Downton

    Late last year we announced we were ending active development on Dirty Bomb. In that post, we said that after one more update development would cease but, as we sat down to discuss what fixes we would make, the contents of that build changed. Instead, we wanted to turn this update into a celebration of Dirty Bomb, […]

    The post Dirty Bomb Goes Fully Free appeared first on Splash Damage.

    - Max Downton

    After almost two decades at the helm of Splash Damage, Paul Wedgwood has taken the decision to step down. Richard Jolly, Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer and Creative Director on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, has been appointed as our new CEO. The rest of the Executive Team is unchanged and will remain as part of the company […]

    The post Co-Founder Richard Jolly appointed CEO of Splash Damage appeared first on Splash Damage.

    - Max Downton

    Dirty Bomb’s 1.0 release has arrived. As many of you know we didn’t consider Dirty Bomb ready for launch until we had a great competitive solution. To that end, we’re incredibly excited to announce that FACEIT is now live in Dirty Bomb, supporting the game’s 1.0 release. To celebrate we’ve made some beautiful FACEIT skins, […]

    The post Dirty Bomb 1.0 Arrives With FACEIT Support appeared first on Splash Damage.

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